Fairfax Sump Pump Service

Many Fairfax County homeowners’ concerns regarding their sump pumps have to do with how to ensure protection from a sump pump failure before it happens. This is a wise approach we wish everyone would take. It is  hard to see all the damage created after a basement flood has occurred, especially considering basement flooding can almost be completely prevented.

The most common leaks we see are in home 20+ years old. Although many newer homes have foundation cracks that can easily be fixed if noticed in time, these newer home often have very inefficient drainage systems and sump pump basins.

If you are concerned about how your drainage system might be improved, it just takes one call to Basement Detective to get you on the right track.

The most common questions and concerns we get are:
  • How do I know if my sump pump is healthy or in need of replacement? 
    In all honesty, it’s probably not. Most sumps we see are installed improperly in the first place, and the builder grade pumps are not very reliable. Unless your pump has been serviced or replaced by us, it likely needs to be. 
  • How do I service my sump pump?
    Once installed sump pumps don’t really require much service besides cleaning and making sure they are free flowing. Flow can be checked by adding water to your well, usually 2-3 gallons will do. If the water runs free out of the discharge line the pump is at least operational. Call us to see if there are any other safety or preventative improvements that can be made. 
  • How do I protect myself in case of an outage?
    If you need protection in case of an outage here is the short list of protections from the least helpful to the most:
    3. Get a battery back-up.
    2. Get a back up generator.
    1. Have a Basement Detective design a proper water management drainage system for your home. 
  • My pump never kicks on or runs constantly. Is it broke?
    If it is expelling water it is operational. There are many reasons a pump will run nonstop. Call us to come take a look. 
  • During a heavy rain, our basement leaks in a few spots. What causes this?
    Most likely there is not proper flow to the sump pump. This is easy to determine and fix. Basement Detective built our reputation warrantying these same repairs. 

    A Basement Detective can answer these questions and any other water or water damage concerns you have. Give us a call and let us help you make sense of these issues and put these concerns to bed for good! 

Properly installed and maintained sump pumps are the best way to guarantee your basement never experiences a flood or other water intrusion problem that can be so costly and damaging to a home. Sump pump installation and replacement is often misunderstood by the average contractor. Basement Detective provides experience, insight, and solutions that work!

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