Fairfax County Sump Pump Service

If you need help diagnosing a problem with your sump pump or have a problem with moisture or dampness in your basement please call 703-684-0860 and schedule an inspection with one of our technicians.

A sump pump is installed in the lowest portion of a basement or crawlspace. Its function is to keep the area under your home dry and to prevent your basement or crawlspace from flood­ing. During a heavy rain water may accumulate around and under your homes foundation. This water is led into the sump pit through drain pipes or by natural migration of water through the soil. Sump pumps are installed in specially constructed sump pits to collect as much of this water as possible and eject it out and away from the house.

Builders and home inspector report that 60% or more of houses in Fairfax County experience water or moisture problems below grade. In many areas of Fairfax County water sits just a mere 10-15 inches below grade. Add a little rain and it is an easy recipe for flooding or other types of water damage.

Sump pumps need to be installed and maintained by contractors experienced in their specific needs and mechanics. Poor installations or replacements are very common and can easily be avoided. Our professionals can give you the assurance that your work will be done properly and affordably.

Ask a Basement Detective how you can protect you basement from flood or water damage.

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