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Some Basics 

As part of new construction and as a prevention against water damage after remodeling sump pumps are installed in the lower sections of basements and crawlspaces. Their purpose is to collect water beneath and around your home’s foundation.

Most sump pumps, and the commonly attached french ’tile’ drain systems, are installed to prevent flood­ing in basements or crawlspaces.
During a heavy rain water may accumulate around and under your homes foundation. This water tends to migrate to the lowest portion of a building and likely will, if the existing drainage system is in good order. Sump pumps are installed in specially constructed sump pits (wells) and are designed with a float activated motor that will eject the collected water out and away from the house.


An Ounce of Prevention

Home inspectors and builders find that over 68% of homes in the county of Fairfax have had or are currently having water or condensation problems related to the foundation below the ground level. In most areas of Northern Virginia water rests a mere 1 to 1.5 feet below ground. Just a short downfall can cause sump pumps to activate and run for days as they collect and flush water from around their well cavities. As the water is absorbed and discharged by the pump mud, and silt is also collected in the well and sometimes makes its way into the pump assembly. This can cause the pumps to over heat and or or seize up. 

Easy to see why regular service is necessary. Especially when a simple failure can lead to a basement leak, or even worse, an actual flood. Call us and find out how to make your home safe and protected from flooding.

Do it Right the First Time

Sump pumps should always be installed and maintained by contractors experienced with well pumps and drainage management. Faulty installs are very common. It is  why we are so  busy!

The reality is that basement leaks and floods are common yet they can easily avoided if your sump pump work is performed by an experienced professional.

Our highly trained technicians can give you the assurance that your work will be done properly and affordably. So call us before the problem occurs. It’s free and most inspections are over in 20  minutes!

Ask a Basement Detective how you can protect your basement from flood or water damage.