2015-16 El Nino News

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This El Nino report from July 2015 discusses 2015-16 El Nino. Hoping we have a mild winter!!

Hurricanes of 2011

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Basement Detective is reminding present and future customers that we experienced ZERO system leaks in the big hurricanes and storms of September and October 2011.

That number again was: 0

Your welcome!!

AOL News: Flooding Remains a Threat

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An AOL News report today suggested that flooding remains a serious threat. As if power outages, school closings, flight cancellations, lost commerce and government shutdowns from back-to-back major snowstorms weren’t enough, residents of the Middle Atlantic have to deal with the potential for serious flooding in the coming weeks. That’s the nature of the weather following record-breaking snowfall: when the snow melts, problems often follow. Link to the article.